Pelvic Floor Pain

Pelvic Floor Pain Can Be Treated with Acupuncture and Dry Needling.

I have been working with patients who suffer with pelvic floor pain and dysfunction for 20 years. I've treated men and women and I'm very happy to see that there has been a heightened awareness both in the popular culture and in the scientific literature in regards to these conditions. The stigma surrounding anything having to do with the pelvic region still very much persists. I find this to be especially true for men.

The Pelvic Floor Requires Specialized Treatment.

After twenty years of seeing patients, I can positively say that each case is different. This is important to keep in mind when considering how long a course of treatment will last. My approach has always been to keep working as long as patients are improving. To begin with, I advise new patients to be patient themselves and allow for 5 to 6 treatments before we assess the degree of improvement. That said, I can happily report that it is the most common experience for people to feel clear improvement in their symptoms within 2 to 3 visits, if not after the very first.
Having a team in place is important, and we work with many of the best recognized names in the pelvic pain community including the excellent physical therapy group at PHRC.

Every Case is Unique.

This is what one of our patients said on his first visit. After seven long years of experiencing pain while sitting, urinating, defecating and having intercourse, he was at the end of his rope. He had been given antibiotics for a misdiagnosed prostatitis multiple times. He had tried special pillows. He had seen multiple specialists. And after finding no success with any approach, had resigned himself to chronic pain. Within a week of starting treatment, he was feeling significant improvement, and felt better than he had in years.
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"Suffering for 7 Years."

Having seen many cases that had failed previous acupuncture, dry needling, and trigger point injections attempts, I can confidently now say that the protocols and techniques I have developed over thousands of patients are unique to my practice. I believe that this is the key to our clinical success. I realize the stakes could not be higher for our patients. Pelvic floor dysfunction can be a debilitating and chronic condition that affects every aspect other patient's life. I'm proud to say we have been involved in turning the tide for many of our patients.

A Unique Therapy.