I never thought my pelvic pain would go away.

First of all, not only was I struggling, but I was so embarrassed. If nothing else it was helpful to be able to speak openly about what was going on. My pelvic floor problems gave me erectile dysfunction well as difficulty urinating and pain. It was miserable. Long story short, I've been able to get back to my normal life, after over 3 years of this craziness.

-Leon P., Manhattan Beach

No judgments, just honest caring treatment.

Michael is a miracle worker. I've been coming to him off and on for ten years now. He's helped me with pain, motivation, and addiction. No judgments, just honest caring treatment. Coming to this wellness center was one of the smartest things I've ever done.
Not only is Michael well trained and intuitive he also has a wonderful (and sometimes sarcastic) sense of humor. He can always make me laugh and feel like a million bucks.

-Thomas F., Beverly Hills

I am a huge fan of this office.

Dr. Yang is amazing, one of the best medical practitioners I've worked with in any specialty. He is always good natured and professional. Perhaps most importantly, he is able to provide sincere, comprehensive advice on handling really difficult health problems. He gave me the confidence, information, and encouragement that I needed to really tackle my health issues outside of our sessions. He has a deep understanding of both Western and Eastern medicine, and takes the best from both traditions. Although I am by nature a bit needle-phobic, I came to really appreciate acupuncture in a deeper way after our sessions.

-Aidan D., West Hollywood

I can confidently recommend him as the best in LA.

I've been seeing Dr. Yang for 3 years now and have seen other acupuncturists in the past. I can confidently recommend him as the best in LA. I love the calming vibe of the place... it's grounding. More importantly, I get my questions answered, my appointments are on time, and he has kept his clinic open late because of my crazy work schedule. Whenever I'm coming down with something or my back goes out from too much plane time I call them first.

-Josh L., Santa Monica

...complete resolution of my symptoms...

Last year I developed for wrist and low back pain, I am a physical therapist and work with my hands. I went to Dr. Yang for help with these issues. The acupuncture treatments resulted in complete resolution of my symptoms despite the fact that I did not stop the symptom-causing behavior (my job). He is a very skilled, compassionate provider. Over the last 18 months I have referred numerous patients of mine to him and they have greatly benefited from his services. I highly recommend seeing him!

-Liz R., San Francisco

You want to know if acupuncture works? Yes. It. Does.

So, you want to know if acupuncture works? Yes. It. Does. I came to Dr. Yang about 5 years ago, as a last-ditch effort to cure my restless legs (go ahead, laugh). Weird problem, no real cure, because "they" don't know exactly what causes it. Iron deficiency--maybe. Stress--probably. I think my case was particularly bad. Mostly in the early evening the "shocks" would start. Every few minutes I'd get "shocked" through my legs. It felt like a power chord getting shoved into the back of my calves, and it'd send a jolt through my entire leg. This would go on for hours- every day, any time I was in "wind-down" mode. (Airplanes, movie theaters, Netflix...). Even after I would *eventually* fall asleep, the restless dance party would go on. ANYWAY, I came to Dr. Yang for the restless leg issue, and couldn't have supposed the many other health benefit's I've enjoyed as a result of that decision. He's smart. Like, *actual doctor* smart. (PS, he is a "real" doctor). He keeps my back and neck healthy (I'm a cubicle worker with an ample bosom), he's a nutritionist, so I eat better, I sleep like a rock, and I don't feel the "existential panic" quite so much after our weekly appointments. (Ahhh). Oh, and the restless leg issue... Hallelujah, SWEET RELIEF! Next to nothing- 99% gone. He's great, book an appointment; you won't be disappointed.

-Lindsay V., Burbank
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